What Can You Do If Your Home Is Water Damaged?

There are lots of ways that water can get into your home. It could be a leaking pipe, hole in the roof, or something like a flood. water damaged homeUnfortunately, water can do a great deal of damage to your home, costing thousands of pounds of home refurbishment work. Even when you think it’s dried out, the damage can remain in the form of damp and electrics, carpets, wooden flooring, and other aspects of your home. This means that water damage could end up costing you a lot of money. Here are some tips for those who have noticed water damage in their home, and how to minimise the problems caused.

Find the source of the damage

Before you start trying to dry things out, or calling in the repair teams, you need to ensure no further damage will be caused. If it’s a leak, you’ll need to get a specialist out to inspect the site, and fix the leak properly. They can then check there are no other leaks on the property.

Let your insurance company know

Some insurers won’t cover repair costs if you haven’t informed them first. Once the water has been shut off, call your insurer to report the issue. They may want to send their own assessors to see the extent of the damage before agreeing to pay out.

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Dry the area

The sooner an area can be dried off, the less long-term damage that’ll be caused to your home. Larger areas, or places where sewage has entered the building, may need to be dealt with by professional cleaners. They’ll have the right equipment to clean up large amounts of water, and may need to disinfect the room by fogging. Smaller areas can be targeted with tools such as dehumidifiers, drawing as much of the moisture out as possible.

Check for structural problems

Those who have found their home damaged by floods will often need to have it inspected for structural damage. Things like the foundations and support beams will need to be checked, to ensure your home is safe to live in. You may also need to check for the presence of damp, as this can cause severe damage to homes.


Once everything has been checked thoroughly, you can then start to get your home back in order. Find a property refurbishment service such as www.tm-gb.co.uk who can do the big jobs such as fixing structure damage, replacing kitchens and bathrooms, and replacing flooring. You may wish to do smaller jobs like painting, but it’s sometimes worth getting the walls damp-proofed first to avoid damage.

Water damage can be tough to deal with, as it’s hard to contain, and can be difficult to see the extent of the damage. That’s why it’s worth getting the experts in to assess the damage, and see what needs to be done.