Water Pressurisation for Fire Services

While the provision of appropriate water volume and pressure suitable for fire fighting from the water mains is a service normally provided by the water utility, on a private estate, the availability of water volume and pressure is a responsibility of the owner or manager of the estate.

Along with our expert partners we are able to provide a full service in testing your water supply network from the water utilitiy's mains input to relevant potential and existing hydrant points throughout the site.

We will also make recommendations for additional presurisation and volume availability, this could include pressure booster pumps and local water storage.

Many of our staff have previously worked alongside the fire services in checking water utility fire hydrants and provision of water for fire fighting.

Fire Water Pressure Booster Pumps

Where necessary we are able to supply a specialist Fire Booster set. This has been specifically designed for providing volume and pressure for fire fighting and incorporates both mains electric pumping with a backup diesel pump. The system comes with an expansion vessel to ensure a regular pressure and flow.

The system has been developed as a unit and is normally supplied contained within a double skinned GRP enclosure.

fire booster water pressure

Providing Water to Fight a Fire

The chart below shows the readings from the 'mains' water meter that measured the amount of water that was used by the fire brigade when they extinguished the fire at the Transvesa warehouse in Paddock Wood.

Before the fire you will see that there was zero water consumption with a very large use of water during the initial firefighting opration, water use declining as the fire was dealt with and the operation turned into a damping down excercise.

What is interesting is the ability of the water utility to provide to the fire fighting services so many cubic meters of water very quickly.

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