Water Pressure Booster Pumps

High Rise flats

Water Pressure in High Rise Flats

Occupants of medium and high rise properties will have to remedy problems associated with low or non existent water pressure.

With the planned reduction in water pressure to minimum permissable levels in various urban areas in order to reduce levels of leakage. Many people living above the 3rd or 4th floor could be faced with serious problems in getting adequate water pressure!

The minimum standard for the water pressure from the water utilities is 1 bar [10m head of pressure], at the external stop tap, at a flow of nine litres per minute.

This should be sufficient to fill a one-gallon container in 30 seconds. This level of pressure does not override the duty to supply water constantly at a pressure to reach the upper floors of properties.


Pump Controls

The energy used by booster  pumps can be high. To keep energy use as low as possible, controls should be installed to match the pump operations with actual water demand  in the building. The controls will then alter the speed of the pump based on the water demand at any given time by way of pressure transducers installed on plumbing risers at the top floor of a tower block.

For additional ideas for best practice water use in high rise buildings see: Sustaining tower blocks